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tient No. 2 also couldn’t understand Chen Ge’s various behaviors. “It’s not certain whether there are ghosts in the world, I just express my opinion. “Chen Ge looked away: “Medical The hospital will be cleaned during the day, and the doll now appears in the corridor, indicating that the pregnant woman may be still alive. There are other survivors in the hospital, which is good news for us. “The pregnant woman passed away in the third month of receiving treatment. When she died, we found a cabinet full of dolls in her cabinet.” After Dr. Sun finished speaking, Chen Ge and Patient No. 2 were stunned. “The person is gone?” Who put the doll here? “Patient No. 2 still doesn’t think there are ghosts in the world: “It is the doctor who knows about pregnant women. The murderer is imitating the behavior of the pregnant woman at that time. Is the murderer a doctor?” “After speaking, he looked at Dr. Sun suspiciously. To be honest, he doubted Dr. Sun very much. “When Zhang Jingjiu was injured, Dr. Sun and Dr. Gao were with us. Even if the murderer is a doctor, they can be treated. The suspicion was ruled out. “Compared with the doctor who is the murderer, Chen Ge feels that the probability of the ghost returning to his soul is greater. During the argument, several people came to the second floor. There were many doctors’ photos posted on the empty corridor. This scene made Chen Ge feel familiar. “The hospital used to post pictures of excellent doctors in the ward and the honors they had won. Xinhai Central Hospital initially paid a lot of money to hire a lot of famous doctors, which can be regarded as a means of publicity. “The starting point of the hospital was good, but then a doctor died unexpectedly. The hospital felt that it was not good to post pictures of the other person on the wall, so he took down his picture, and one night a nurse on duty found out. The picture that was taken down appeared on the wall again. “She looked carefully for a long time, and finally came up with a somewhat horrible answer. T

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